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14/06/2021, 10:17 PM

Celebrating business excellence in KZN

The Standard Bank KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Awards 2021 were held on the 10 June 2021 at a hybrid event hosted at the ONOMO Hotel, Durban. The annual awards, now in their fifteenth year, celebrate business...   More

14/06/2021, 10:06 PM

Family Business - The winner is: HIRSCH’S

This category was open to businesses where the majority ownership remains within a family (or multifamily) structure, and where more than one generation contributes to the success of the business. The winner...   More

14/06/2021, 09:55 PM

Business Personality of the Year 2021 – Ashok Sewnarain

Ashok Sewnarain is the founder and chairman of International Bank Vaults (IBV), the first and most sophisticated, privately owned safe deposit vaults in South Africa. Sewnarain was born in Mayville, Durban...   More

14/06/2021, 09:28 PM

Business Innovation - The winner is: Imperial Armour

Businesses entering in this category were required to provide evidence of an innovative approach to products, or processes, which has contributed to the success of the business. Judges were also interested to...   More

14/06/2021, 09:20 PM

Entrepreneur Resilience – The Winners are: Sihle Ndlela and Simphiwe Majozi

This award is aimed at young business leaders who have shown exceptional leadership and exhibited entrepreneurial flair. The winners are: SIHLE NDLELA AND SIMPHIWE MAJOZI Sihle Ndlela and Simphiwe Majozi,...   More

14/06/2021, 09:11 PM

Musa E Zulu – Embracing Change

The winners in each category received a unique artwork that was created by Musa E Zulu, creative director of his company, Valhalla Arts. After achieving an Honours degree in Sociology at the University of...   More

14/06/2021, 09:03 PM

Employee Wellbeing - The winner is MCS DEBT RECOVERY

This award is for businesses that go the extra mile to engage their staff members and the difference this makes to the business. This may be through in-house training, flexible working, personal development,...   More

14/06/2021, 08:50 PM

Digital/System Implementation - The winner is: PLENNEGY GROUP

This award is for those businesses that employ digital thinking and technologies that have had an impact on their business operations. The winner is: PLENNEGY GROUP Founded in 1958, the Plennegy Group’s roots...   More

14/06/2021, 02:43 PM

Community and Social Responsibility - The winner is: TOYOTA SOUTH AFRICA MOTORS

This award is open to businesses or social enterprises that have made a significant positive impact on the community in KZN. The winner is: TOYOTA SOUTH AFRICA MOTORS Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM) commits...   More

14/06/2021, 02:14 PM

Small Business Start-up - The winner is: SEVENTEEN87 WINE CELLAR

This award recognises startup businesses that have translated an idea into a successful business venture especially given the circumstances of 2020. The winner is: SEVENTEEN87 WINE CELLAR The Seventeen87 Wine...   More

14/06/2021, 12:56 PM

Battle of The Brands KZN

The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted on society and the economy causing us to rethink our consumer behaviour and our contributions to our society. Over the last year many well-known brands have had to adapt...   More

03/06/2021, 02:55 PM

Cobus Oelofse – The Entrepreneur 2021 launching SMME’s on a path of growth

The iLembe Chamber’s 11th annual The Entrepreneur Programme and Competition was launched on Tuesday, the 18th of May 2021. Following its 10th celebratory anniversary in 2020, the flagship entrepreneurial...   More

03/06/2021, 02:54 PM

Zululand Chamber of Commerce & Industry celebrating 95 years as the Zululand voice of business

The Zululand Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ZCCI) celebrates 95 years as the voice of business in the Zululand region in 2021. Chamber President Thami Sithole said, “This milestone is dedicated to our...   More

03/06/2021, 12:36 PM

Fareed Amod – What we eat and drink impacts teeth

If we are what we eat, that’s even more true for the health of our teeth and gums. Healthy eating patterns and food choices can help prevent tooth decay. “We advise our patients that their dental health...   More

03/06/2021, 12:13 PM

Nikita Pillay – Payroll management

For every business owner, understanding the basics of payroll and knowing how to manage it efficiently is critical. By definition, payroll is the business process of paying employees, SARS, and third parties...   More

03/06/2021, 11:31 AM

Rajan Naidoo – Normalising disabilities in the workplace

According to Rajan Naidoo, managing director of EduPower Skills Academy, the topic of disability is still fraught with stigma and shame, particularly in the workplace. He believes that companies have to change...   More

03/06/2021, 11:03 AM

Expand your space with Elangeni Buildings

Our world is changing and even more so in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. More and more people are having to or choosing to work from home. Some of us are downscaling to live with their children, or adult...   More

03/06/2021, 10:36 AM

Ugu South Coast Tourism launches #GoSouthKZN destination video

As the South African tourism industry continues to recover from the devastating impact of the pandemic, Ugu South Coast Tourism (USCT) has initiated a dedicated marketing campaign aimed at highlighting the...   More

02/06/2021, 11:02 AM

Unspoilt KZN midlands oozes breath-taking scenery and charming hospitality venues

Alan Paton, the South African anti-Apartheid activist and author wrote in his acclaimed novel Cry, the Beloved Country: “There is a lovely road that runs from Ixopo into the hills. These hills are...   More

02/06/2021, 10:50 AM

Standard Bank KZN Top Business Awards 2021

Judging is well underway for the Standard Bank KZN Top Business Awards 2021. We are delighted with the vast number of entries and the range of companies that have entered and our team is hard at work reading...   More

02/06/2021, 10:36 AM

David White - SACC developing trade routes

South Africa and the United Kingdom enjoy a unique and effective trade relationship that has been developed over many hundreds of years. The relationship is advantageous to both countries, and especially now...   More

02/06/2021, 10:17 AM

Professor Ahmed Shaikh - It’s adapt or die for education as technology forges ahead

Curriculum reform needed to match the skills revolution HIGHER education institutions have long been considered to be the repositories of knowledge and learning and the structures through which knowledge is...   More

02/06/2021, 08:12 AM

Johannes Maree – Last chance to invest

The Section 12J tax programme, which was introduced by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) in 2009, is set to end on the 30 June 2021. “Essentially Section 12J is an incentive to get a country’s tax...   More

02/06/2021, 07:50 AM

Johan van Deventer – How to resolve all your HR compliance issues

What services does LabourNet provide? LabourNet provides peace of mind to companies in terms of compliance with the various ever-changing labour legislation. This is sometimes complex for the employers to...   More

02/06/2021, 07:13 AM

Andrew Clark – New managing partner for law firm, Cox Yeats

Andrew Clark is the newly appointed managing partner of Cox Yeats Attorneys, based in uMhlanga Ridge, KwaZulu-Natal and which recently opened a Johannesburg branch in Sandton. He is also the head of the...   More

01/06/2021, 11:09 PM

Mzi Tyhokolo - Leading SLG to 2025

Newly appointed SLG Group CEO Mzi Tyhokolo has a 20 year track record in the gas industry, with 14 of those years being at SLG and six at Sasol Gas. Mzi has been a member of the SLG executive team in charge of...   More

01/06/2021, 10:41 PM

Marlene Powell – Does your business make business sense?

Why are you in business? Is it because: • You were born into an entrepreneurial family? • You have a passion for entrepreneurship? • You didn’t want to work for somebody else? • You were retrenched? • You...   More

01/06/2021, 10:08 PM

Kenya High Commission and Minara Chamber hold a virtual meeting

The Minara Chamber Global Trade promotion were pleased to meet virtually with the Kenya High Commissioner in the Republic of South Africa, Catherine Muigai Mwangi and a team from the mission. Minara...   More

01/06/2021, 09:50 PM

Veness to lead Association of South African Chambers

Pietermaritzburg and Midlands Chamber of Business CEO Melanie Veness was elected chair of the Association of South African Chambers (Asac) at the organisation’s annual general meeting last month. Bernadette...   More

01/06/2021, 09:29 PM

We are proud of business success in KZN

Our cover photo and lead story features Hameed Noormahomed who is the Standard Bank Head of Business Clients, Client Coverage, KwaZulu-Natal. Commenting on his professional career thus far, Hameed says, “I...   More

01/06/2021, 09:10 PM

Hameed Noormahomed – A beautiful journey

Hameed Noormahomed is the Standard Bank Head of Business Clients, Client Coverage, KwaZulu-Natal. His role comprises the management of Business, Entrepreneur, and Enterprise banking within KZN. Commenting on...   More

30/04/2021, 10:56 AM

Sihle Zikalala Development Trust launched

KwaZulu-Natal Premier Sihle Zikalala launched the Sihle Zikalala Development Trust on April 1 at the Coastlands Hotel in uMhlanga. Through this development trust, which is private initiative, Zikalala aims to...   More

30/04/2021, 10:38 AM

Sikelelwa Foslara – Revenue enhancement strategy : The post pandemic solution

The objective of any successful revenue enhancement strategy is to build and improve on current payment levels and then to recover arrear debt. Covid-19 exposed a lot of loopholes in local government revenue...   More

29/04/2021, 10:06 PM

Nikita Pillay – Personal Development Analysis (PDA)

The PDA is a behavioural assessment that provides information on an individual’s natural behaviour, and role behaviour. It is an analysis of specific words concerned with the meanings and relations between...   More

29/04/2021, 09:49 PM

David White – NGOFIT knows NGOs

NGOFit, a division of DRG Outsourcing, has recently been established to help nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) to become sustainable service organisations. Nikita Pillay, DRG HR and Compliance Best-Practice...   More

29/04/2021, 09:33 PM

Trevor Clark – EveryONE EmployONE Initiative tackles unemployment in South Africa

Business owners are the future of the SA economy. No government or politician will be able to solve South Africa’s burgeoning unemployment crisis – but business could cut the latest disturbing statistic in...   More

29/04/2021, 09:21 PM

Rebuilding Ethekwini Tourism

EThekwini Municipality Mayor, Mxolisi Kaunda is upbeat about the recovery of the tourism sector in the city. He called upon local tourism businesses to be part of the Business Retention and Expansion...   More

29/04/2021, 08:59 PM

New leadership for Cox Yeats

AFTER A DECADE of steering the firm through a successful period of continuous growth, Michael Jackson has confidently handed over the wheel. Jackson joined Cox Yeats as a candidate attorney in January 1988....   More

29/04/2021, 08:44 PM

SLG – Gas regulation in South Africa

As a responsible gas trader, the SLG group is a licensee of the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA). This ensures compliance with NERSA regulations and that of its stakeholders. NERSA is a...   More

29/04/2021, 08:23 PM

New leadership for Ilembe Chamber of Commerce

The iLembe business community will for the next two years be led by Lesa Bradshaw. Lesa, representing Bradshaw LeRoux Consulting, was elected as iLembe Chamber of Commerce president at an executive meeting...   More

29/04/2021, 07:18 PM

Palesa Phili – Doing business with the Ukraine Business Network

As the economy tries to recover the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry NPC hosted its first physical networking session since lockdown. The event was held at the Durban Country Club on Friday, 21 March...   More

29/04/2021, 06:15 PM


REGENT Business School (RBS) is one of the leading distance learning institutions in Africa. The institution’s philosophy of ‘Disrupt. Rethink. Innovate.’ well reflects its goal to transform higher...   More

29/04/2021, 05:46 PM

Coert Coetzee - Investing in Property

“You must always invest in something where the demand is higher than the supply,” says Coert Coetzee founder of the Wealth Masters Club. “I invest in the basic needs of the human being. There are three basic...   More

29/04/2021, 11:21 AM

Standard Bank recognises business success in KZN

Standard Bank’s long and celebrated history in KwaZulu-Natal spans more than 150 years. The bank opened its third South African branch in Durban in 1863. Significantly, Standard Bank prides itself on being a...   More

29/04/2021, 10:45 AM

Vote for The Standard Bank KZN Top Business Brand 2021

The Standard Bank KZN Top Business Brand Award is much coveted each year and is awarded by public vote only. Many well-known brands have been grown from within KZN and have made an indelible mark on consumer...   More

29/04/2021, 10:01 AM

Musa Zulu – I Am Art book launch

Musa Zulu is a published author, an award winning entrepreneur, international artist, celebrated motivational speaker and prominent disability activist in South Africa. Zulu launched his latest book titled ‘I...   More

29/04/2021, 01:36 AM

Shaun Lamont – Work your way around the world

Five reasons 2021 matrics should consider a career in hospitality? The United Nations World Tourism Organisation estimates that by 2030, there will be 1.8 billion new international travellers. Choosing a...   More

29/04/2021, 12:54 AM

Ithala firmly on trajectory for state bank status

With recent pronouncements by government leaders on the need for a state bank, there is no need to look far for an existing bank that will make an ideal candidate. Why reinvent the wheel when Ithala SOC...   More

28/04/2021, 11:32 PM

Logie Naidoo – Business card of the future

Founded in 2011, Meishi is a progressive web app that not only shares contact information but the DNA of your business. The way we exchange contact information with other businesspeople is changing. Although...   More

28/04/2021, 10:30 PM

Get cashback on fuel spend with BTCorp

The year 2021 is set to be tough on budgets with many increases in daily living costs proposed. The sharp increases in the prices of petrol, diesel and paraffin in February and March 2021 are still having an...   More

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