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28/08/2021, 12:42 AM

KZN finding focus in uncertainty

KwaZulu-Natal’s businesspeople are very resilient and even in the face of numerous challenges are committed to keep going forward as the articles in this edition well illustrate. The KZN Top Business leader...   More

28/08/2021, 12:19 AM

Ebrahim Patel – Looting and destruction affect entire value chain

The widespread unrests and incidents of looting in KZN and Gauteng during July brought devastation on an economy already weakened by the impact of the Covid19 Pandemic. The Minara Chamber of Commerce has...   More

27/08/2021, 11:46 PM

Richards Bay Minerals operations to restart

Richards Bay Minerals (RBM) and community stakeholders have reached an agreement to support enhanced governance and controls of community trusts, together with greater transparency. This agreement signifies...   More

27/08/2021, 11:28 PM

Johan van Deventer – Selection criteria & retrenchments

South Africa has experienced several negative economic factors including the COVID-19 pandemic that have negatively affected the performance of companies in all industries. Companies have failed to achieve...   More

27/08/2021, 10:55 PM

Shanaaz Trethewey – Are one-year lease agreements a thing of the past?

Deciding which rental agreement is best for the income you want to earn on your property can be challenging for landlords. As with any successful business, your journey as a landlord should begin with a...   More

27/08/2021, 10:30 PM

Recognising inspiring women in KZN

Standard Bank KZN and KZN Top Business are delighted to announce that the second Standard Bank KZN Top Business Women initiative will be held in the last quarter of 2021. This initiative provides a multimedia...   More

27/08/2021, 10:10 PM

Dr Ahmed Shaikh – Adapt or die for education

Higher education institutions have long been considered to be the repositories of knowledge and learning and the structures through which knowledge is produced and disseminated. They have survived sweeping...   More

27/08/2021, 09:26 PM

Dr Thulani Vilakazi – A virtual event for the Dundee July

The annual glitz and glamour event, the Dundee July rural horse race, was a virtual event held on Saturday 14 August. This popular event was established in 2005 by the KZN Department of Sport and Recreation...   More

27/08/2021, 09:00 PM

Dr Fareed Amod – Is wisdom teeth removal necessary?

Thousands of wisdom tooth extractions are performed around the world each year by dentists or oral surgeons. Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure where one or more wisdom teeth — the four permanent...   More

27/08/2021, 08:37 PM

Mell Rijnvis – Virtual relaxation supports mental health

The World Health Organisation and the South African Department of Health call for immediate action to be taken. The mental health crisis has been deemed the ‘real pandemic’ and looking back in history at past...   More

27/08/2021, 08:16 PM

FreeMe Wildlife working together to enrich lives

With the ever-increasing human population and resulting development, wildlife throughout the world is coming under threat because of conflict with people in the race for space and resources to survive. South...   More

27/08/2021, 06:19 PM

Clarissa Johnston and Laura Strugnell inspiring new generations in South Africa

Clarissa Johnston and Laura Strugnell, 30 and 29 years old respectively, have recently returned from the Toyoko Olympic games where they competed in the artistic swimming event as a duet. Both swimmers came...   More

27/08/2021, 06:16 PM

Fatima Moolla – Dynamic leadership producing results for incubator

Fatima Moolla joined SmartXchange in 2015 as centre manager at the newly established branch in Port Shepstone. This branch was a game-changer for the organisation as its reach was expanded away from an urban...   More

27/08/2021, 06:11 PM

Donna Barnard – Greenheart Organics

After over a decade of business experience which was gained through the startup and running of Console Care, a home-based nursing agency, Donna Barnard has found herself in an entirely different arena with a...   More

27/08/2021, 05:52 PM

Nozibele Sogoni - Nozibele Solutions

Nozibele Sogoni whose first name means ‘be kind’ is the founder and managing director of Nozibele Solutions which was launched in 2013. She is a motivational speaker, SETA accredited mentor and coach as well...   More

27/08/2021, 05:49 PM

Portia Mthembu – Standard Bank

Portia Mthembu has been in the employ of Standard Bank for the past 17 years. During this time Portia has fulfilled various roles within the bank and her career aspirations are to add more value to the...   More

27/08/2021, 05:45 PM

Esay Reddy – KZN Oils

Celeste Esayvanie Sivalingum Reddy is an accomplished business woman with 30 plus years of experience in the petroleum, quick service restaurant, healthcare manufacturing, telecommunications and distribution...   More

27/08/2021, 05:42 PM

Judy Stuart – Future Farmers Foundation

Judy Stuart, an award-winning Howick dairy farmer who has always had a passion for all things agricultural. Judy is one of South Africa’s most revered dairy farmers, contributing to farming publications, and...   More

27/08/2021, 05:38 PM

Dawn Dunn – Rugby commentator and businesswoman

Dawn Dunn wears many caps but the one she is most well-known for is ‘Rugby nut’. Her story is an incredible one. A previously disadvantaged black female who grew up during apartheid in a township, would not be...   More

27/08/2021, 05:34 PM

Samantha Watt – Say Watt

Samantha Watt has a passion for influencing hearts and minds through the art of public relations. While her core business is public relations this includes marketing strategy, events, web development, social...   More

27/08/2021, 05:28 PM

Mano Singh – Standard Bank

Mano Singh has studied almost continually her whole life while climbing the corporate ladder. Her father was a big influence on her life who taught her that education was vital. “I learned that if I were to...   More

27/08/2021, 05:17 PM

Louisa Garland – Imperial Armour

Louisa Garland CEO of Imperial Armour takes a proactive role in being involved with all aspects of the company and in making quality and customer satisfaction a priority. Louisa leads her company in a...   More

27/08/2021, 05:12 PM

Portio Dlamini - Emakheni Cleaning & Industrial Solutions

Portio Dlamini has a passion for making a difference in people’s lives. The Emakheni Group, a 100% female owned company was started by her in 2013 after she was exposed to cleaning contractors in the companies...   More

27/08/2021, 05:07 PM

Femada Shamam - TAFTA

Compassion and commitment to providing uncompromised care for the elderly is core to the work ethos that has propelled visionary, Femada Shamam to the helm of Durban welfare organisation, Tafta. The...   More

27/08/2021, 04:53 PM

Catherine Clark – The Harvest Table

Catherine Clark is the owner and founder of the Harvest Table, which is a family run business based in KwaZulu-Natal. The company provides health and nutritional products across South Africa. Catherine also...   More

27/08/2021, 04:38 PM

Biz Talk with Marlene Powell – Pick a lane and stick to it!

Do you know who you are and what you want? If you know what you want, do you go after it relentlessly? It takes discipline not to be distracted and to stay in the direction of your end goal. So how do you...   More

27/08/2021, 01:57 PM

David White - SA Chamber KZN chapter launch

It is with great excitement that we can share with the South African business community that on 14 September 2021 the South African Chamber of Commerce (United Kingdom) will launch its KZN Chapter. Everyone...   More

27/08/2021, 01:37 PM

Mzi Tyhokolo – Creating solutions that touch the world

Mzi Tyhokolo describes himself as a typical South African. He was born and raised in the Free State by a single mother. His education was traditional, and a Sasol bursary enabled him to study chemistry at the...   More

27/08/2021, 12:50 PM

Attend the Ugu Film Festival

The much-anticipated 9th Ugu Film Festival will run in Port Shepstone from 23 to 26 September 2021. The festival will feature dynamic local and international film screenings, talks and industry-driven...   More

27/08/2021, 12:21 PM

David White – Professional employer services on call

The world has gone through significant changes in recent years, and in particular in the past 18 months. These changes have permanently refocused many of our traditional business processes and norms. We, as...   More

07/07/2021, 07:51 PM

Fareed Amod – Why are regular dental visits considered a luxury?

Calculating how best to spend your monthly budget is often difficult. Bills must be paid, and food has to be provided. So, the sixmonthly dental check-up or teeth clean is often perceived to be a luxury. In...   More

07/07/2021, 07:38 PM

Thabani Zulu – Are we serious about Smme development?

I often wonder if the government and business sector assert their seriousness about SMME development because it has become a politically correct message or is there a genuine intention to develop this sector...   More

07/07/2021, 07:17 PM

Johan van Deventer – Untold workplace accidents’ mysteries

Workplace accidents and incidents are the most common, yet most ignored source of information in the modern working world, and I am desperate to get your attention and to keep it for the next few minutes. When...   More

07/07/2021, 06:48 PM

John Aritho – Networks make people’s net worth grow

John Aritho, general manager of the Beverly Hills Hotel, is a strong believer in networking. “Networks make people’s net worth grow. And I always say wherever I am, whatever position I am in, whoever I meet,...   More

07/07/2021, 06:38 PM

SLG – Optimised combustion: safety, efficiency and savings

You’ve heard it before, ‘costcutting’, ‘project savings’, ‘limited operational expenditure’, ‘do more with less’. These are common phrases in the manufacturing sector. So what can an organisation do to jump...   More

07/07/2021, 06:24 PM

Nelson Mandela International Day 2021

The Nelson Mandela Foundation is inviting everyone to join them on 18 July as we honour Madiba’s birthday by contributing to meeting the immediate needs of the most vulnerable communities. While the Mandela...   More

07/07/2021, 05:36 PM

Marlene Powell – Family run business – helping to create a legacy

I specialise in family businesses and have worked through and overcome the frustrations and challenges that family-owned businesses often face. Ultimately, I have assisted in achieving personal and business...   More

07/07/2021, 05:34 PM

Ashok Swenarain – Life is about dreaming big

Ashok Sewnarain is the founder and chairman of IBV International Vaults (IBV), a world class and sophisticated, privately owned safe deposit vaults in South Africa. Sewnarain was born in Mayville, Durban and...   More

07/07/2021, 05:10 PM

Melinda Cookson – Bridging the employment divide

Many companies in South Africa continue to trade out of a hard lockdown implemented in March 2020. As a national staffing company at the coal face of placing people into a variety of positions within various...   More

07/07/2021, 05:03 PM

Saluting people who go above and beyond

We are delighted to feature Ashok Sewnarain CEO of International Bank Vaults on the front page as well as on page three of this edition of Business Sense. Ashok is the well deserving winner of the Standard...   More

07/07/2021, 04:11 PM

Nikita Pillay – Role profiling and salary benchmarking

Remuneration, one of the key elements in the Total Rewards model, remains the most critical factor for the attraction, motivation and retention of staff both to and in an organisation. To remain competitive...   More

07/07/2021, 03:45 PM

David White – Making trade simple

DRG Outsourcing South African business leaders have no option but to think big and to think beyond serving only domestic clients and customers. They need to seek ways of growing business interests abroad, to...   More

14/06/2021, 10:17 PM

Celebrating business excellence in KZN

The Standard Bank KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Awards 2021 were held on the 10 June 2021 at a hybrid event hosted at the ONOMO Hotel, Durban. The annual awards, now in their fifteenth year, celebrate business...   More

14/06/2021, 10:06 PM

Family Business - The winner is: HIRSCH’S

This category was open to businesses where the majority ownership remains within a family (or multifamily) structure, and where more than one generation contributes to the success of the business. The winner...   More

14/06/2021, 09:55 PM

Business Personality of the Year 2021 – Ashok Sewnarain

Ashok Sewnarain is the founder and chairman of International Bank Vaults (IBV), the first and most sophisticated, privately owned safe deposit vaults in South Africa. Sewnarain was born in Mayville, Durban...   More

14/06/2021, 09:28 PM

Business Innovation - The winner is: Imperial Armour

Businesses entering in this category were required to provide evidence of an innovative approach to products, or processes, which has contributed to the success of the business. Judges were also interested to...   More

14/06/2021, 09:20 PM

Entrepreneur Resilience – The Winners are: Sihle Ndlela and Simphiwe Majozi

This award is aimed at young business leaders who have shown exceptional leadership and exhibited entrepreneurial flair. The winners are: SIHLE NDLELA AND SIMPHIWE MAJOZI Sihle Ndlela and Simphiwe Majozi,...   More

14/06/2021, 09:11 PM

Musa E Zulu – Embracing Change

The winners in each category received a unique artwork that was created by Musa E Zulu, creative director of his company, Valhalla Arts. After achieving an Honours degree in Sociology at the University of...   More

14/06/2021, 09:03 PM

Employee Wellbeing - The winner is MCS DEBT RECOVERY

This award is for businesses that go the extra mile to engage their staff members and the difference this makes to the business. This may be through in-house training, flexible working, personal development,...   More

14/06/2021, 08:50 PM

Digital/System Implementation - The winner is: PLENNEGY GROUP

This award is for those businesses that employ digital thinking and technologies that have had an impact on their business operations. The winner is: PLENNEGY GROUP Founded in 1958, the Plennegy Group’s roots...   More

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